Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hello muddah, hello faddah...

Yes, fans, I'm away at camp and, unlike the famous song, I don't want my parents to come and take me home. I'm at America's Camp, a week-long sleepaway camp for children who lost a parent on September 11th, and am having a blast!!! I'm on the Camp's board of directors, and am here for five days as the resident knitting teacher.

We had three class sessions today, with about 35 kids so far out of the 270 here for the week. Two more class sessions tomorrow, four on Monday, then two on Tuesday before I head back to NYC. The classes are broken out by age group -- Junior campers, who are between 7 and 10, roughly, and Senior campers, who are 11-15 or so. The Juniors are all working with round looms, making hats -- they're all so excited watching the fabric starting to grow from the bottom of the loom! The Seniors had their choice of three projects -- a cell phone cozy, a small purse, or a scarf -- and I was surprised that most of them chose the scarf; I was sure that the purse and cell phone cozy would be popular.

Webs was fantastic to us and agreed to donate the yarn for my classes, and also gave me a discount on knitting needles. (So thank the Elkins for me by going to their website and buying lots of yarn!) Webs is in Northampton, Mass., about an hour's drive from Camp, so I went over there yesterday to pick up the yarn in person. Those of you who have seen my stash and know my yarn acquisitiveness will be amazed that I stuck to my yarn diet and did NOT buy any yarn for myself while at Webs. That's right, NONE! And my friend Jill was with me and can vouch for that.

The energy here at Camp is amazing, and the enthusiasm the kids -- both boys and girls -- have for learning to knit is really great. I'll hate to leave on Tuesday!


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Hey Carolyn it's Kieran from the camp. My new blog is When I start going back to school I'll visit some of the stores you told me about earlier.