Monday, September 18, 2006

NYC Knit Out

NYC knitters were out in force yesterday in Union Square for the Knit Out. The weather was glorious -- sunny and warm but not too hot (a good thing when one is modeling knitwear), with nary a cloud in the blue, blue sky. I got lots of smiles and nods for the skull-and-crossed-knitting-needles T!

The highlight of my day? I MET THE YARN HARLOT!!!!! Not only did I meet her, I got my picture taken with her, and the sock! She was even kind enough to try and block the sun from my eyes.

Barnes & Noble even got into the Knit Out spirit, with an entire front window dedicated to knitting books, as well as a table of knitting books right inside the door.

I was seduced by volume 1 of Vogue's Stitchionary (loved the bamboo stitch), as well as Tracey Ullman's new book (the herringbone handbag is fab). Now I just need to finish my project backlog so that I can get started on some new things!

P.S. I had lots of photos to post, but Blogger is not cooperating and won't upload anymore, despite nearly a dozen attempts. I'll try again tomorrow.


Melissa said...

sorry we missed you yesterday! and what do you mean it wasn't hot! we were dying in that sun! i met up with the yarn harlot later on at knitty city, she was great!

sulu-design said...

What a cute photo! And I can relate to blogger being a #*!@ - it took me over an hour to get all of my pictures to load Sunday night - UGH! Hope to see you soon.

Carolyn said...

Great photo! And you look SO well. Your month off obviously agreed with you ;)