Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bootie call

The charming Colton isn't the only baby to receive booties and a hat from me this summer. Meet the lovely Paige, pictured here at just 4 weeks.

Three of my colleagues have had babies this year, and a 4th just entered her third trimester, so I've been in baby clothes production mode. It's actually been great summer knitting -- lovely, cool cotton in a summery pale green, and small projects that I can tuck into any bag and take with me on my various travels.

These are from a Debbie Bliss baby book, using a Jaeger DK weight cotton (of which I have two full bags!). The cotton has a lovely sheen, which doesn't really come across in these photos.

My only complaint is that the Debbie Bliss pattern really falls down when it comes to finishing the booties -- as written, the rear seaming is totally ugly/unworkable, which has led to some experimentation on my part. I'm still not completely satisfied with the results, but it's better than the original pattern IMHO.


sulu-design said...

Such cute pictures. She's lucky that she's got your adorble hat and booties to grow into!

cynic the lamb said...

Paige is precious! You did a great job of modifying that Debbie Bliss pattern.

Carolyn said...

They look great. And good job on the mods. I hate it when a pattern lets you down like that.