Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tangerine Dream

My first adult sweater -- a top-down pullover in lovely Blue Sky cotton (just 5 skeins for a women's size medium). I made it in a class I took at Downtown Knits here in NYC (a fab LYS, well worth visiting). The class was great, and I learned a lot about sweater construction as well as some good, basic knitting techniques like mattress stitch.

It's not quite finished -- I had planned it as a V-neck but neglected to add stitches along the front edge, so ended up with a U-neck. So, I picked up stitches along the one side and knit in, decreasing along the way, to create the desired V; got one side done and then lost steam. Other than the other half of the V, it just needs hemming. I used a finer, variegated cotton yarn to create an interfacing for the cuffs and hem, and that needs to be turned under and stitched down.

But, alas, I've decided I don't really like it. Love the color, but not on me. Love the feel of the yarn, but not the fuzz-shedding factor. So, it's heading to the frog-pond. I may swap it with someone from the Knitty board.

So, good night, sweet pullover, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest...


Carolyn said...

Oh, that's such a shame after all your hard work. The sweater looks great - but I think you're right about the colour.

Daph said...

I can relate to the sudden lack of motivation that results from realizing it's not quite what you wanted. Back when we were in Philly I started sewing a blouse; when we were in NJ, I bought bottons for it in Manhattan; they were fabulous, but all wrong for the fabric, which I didn't realize until I sewed them all on. In all those years, I've never replaced the buttons or even hemmed it.