Friday, December 29, 2006

Say it with flowers...

I was in Las Vegas twice in November on business, and stayed at the Bellagio on my first visit. The Bellagio has an impressive art collection, including a number of pieces by my favorite glass artisit, Dale Chihuly. The main lobby ceiling is completely covered by fantastical glass flowers; here's a view, and a close-up:

Last week, I was also lucky enough to be given some beautiful roses by a friend -- the photos don't do justice to the deep red color and the perfection of the blooms.

Knitting? Oh, right...yes, I have been knitting as well, not just looking at flowers. I just haven't been photographing my knitting (bad blogger, I know). I knit two hats last week -- one for a friend who is moving to Idaho and will need a nice warm wool hat, and one for a friend of a friend who is undergoing chemo. Plus a lacy scarf, which I knit from start to finish while hanging out with a knitterly friend last night, and a few more sweater ornaments as gifts to friends at home in Philadelphia earlier in the week.


Carolyn said...

What beautiful roses! Hope you had a great Christmas, and enjoyed your birthday too!


sulu-design said...

Do tell... who gave you those roses?!?

cynic the lamb said...

Happy New Year!!!
Thanks for sharing the Chihuly pics. I've always wanted to check out the Bellagio for that reason alone.
Oh crap, I didn't know it was your birthday... Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great one. Did CKG give you the flowers? Spill it!