Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Family Affair

This is my nine-year-old niece, Sara.

She was in NYC visiting me for a few days, and came along with me to LICKnit. My fellow knitters were very welcoming of Sara, and she wowed us all with the speed at which she knit this hat. The yarn is a lovely blue merino that she and I picked out last fall at the Union Square Green market, on her last visit to NYC; she used a round knitting loom that I also gave her, thinking that it would be a little easier on her then-8-year-old hands than using straight needles (true).

Sara cast on the hat in the afternoon, did most of the knitting at LICKnit, and had it all finished and waiting to be bound off when I woke up the next morning! She was so in the groove, in fact, that she knit two more hats, using the next smaller loom, for her American Girl doll. Well done, Sara!

It's really exciting to share my love of knitting with Sara. I learned to knit and crochet and sew from my grandmothers and my mother, and I love the feeling of knowledge passing along the generations of our family.

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Melissa said...

so glad to see she finished it! tell her i said good job!