Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My inaugural post! I decided to create a blog so that I could share photos of my works-in-progress and finished items with my growing circle of knitting friends, both in the US and the UK. (This coincides with my recent puchase of a digital camera, so that I can actually take photos of my WIPs and FOs. :-) )

It's been a busy summer for me in terms of knitting. While I was in the UK last month, I went twice to knitting night at Liberty's and met some lovely UK knitters; I'm looking forward to my next trip in October. Last week, I joined the Big Apple Knitters Guild and went to the SnB in my neighborhood (Long Island City, Queens) for the first time. But the most exciting thing of all was...The Yarn Bus!!!

That's me on the left, along with my good friend Ruth, outside Flying Fingers yarn shop in Irvington, NY. We caught the bus in midtown Manhattan that morning and knitted all the way up there, using the complimentary yarn and needles provided to create squares for charity. Then it was a blissful hour of shopping (there was a sale!!), lunch at a local cafe, then more charity knitting on our way back to the city. Can't wait to go again!


weaselrina said...

You took the yarn bus!!!
You went to Flying Fingers!
I'm so jealous! I'm overusing exclamation points!!!

Seroiusly.. congrats on you blog and your trip!

Carolyn said...

Love that bus!! If only we had something like that in the UK. Somehow I can't see the staff at Liberty riding around in a bus ;)

Congratulations on your blog - it looks good!